Our members are the Association. Without the support and work of our members, we could not represent the profession, nor achieve our aims.

To facilitate growth of our profession and to acknowledge our loyal members, we have implemented a membership fee structure based on a loyalty rewards program. Those who retain their membership for longer will be rewarded through a discounted membership rate.

The new membership fee structure comprises 3 levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. New members begin at the Bronze level and progress towards Gold with each successive year of membership renewal.

Membership is easy with our new online registration system.

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To learn more about becoming a member of Orthoptics Australia, please contact our office .

We also recognise that orthoptic students represent the future of our profession. In order to introduce students to the Association and the direction and values of our profession, we offer students a highly discounted membership rate with a rewards program. This means that the longer a student is a member, the greater the discount they will receive as graduates.

Membership is usually tax deductible with annual subscription and expenses in relation to the annual scientific conference, continuing education courses and state seminars. Please discuss with your taxation specialist.


Membership benefits

  • Access to Orthoptics Australia activities including continuing education courses, the Annual Scientific Conference and the International Orthoptic Conference at significantly reduced rates;
  • Access to Members Only resources, including the Orthoptics Australia National and State Newsletters, professional indemnity insurance  discounts, information and / or links to job opportunities, access to relevant conferences / events and workplace resources;
  • Access to Orthoptics Australia ‘Members Only up-skill courses;
  • Membership to the International Orthoptic Association;
  • Australian Orthoptic Board CPE points through Orthoptics Australia activities;
  • Eligibility for recognition as a Medicare provider;
  • Contact with other orthoptists willing to share their expertise in specific areas of practice;
  • Directory providing contact information for fellow members;
  • Eligibility for Orthoptics Australia’s Awards and Grants programs;
  • Up-to-date information on issues concerning eye health care, such as changes in legislation;
  • Promotion of opportunities for orthoptists through Orthoptic Awareness Week, participation in events such as the General Practitioners’ Conference and Exhibition, Kids’ Expo;
  • Close liaison with orthoptic educational institutions;
  • Advice and referral on workplace matters;
  • Representation of Orthoptics Australia members and the orthoptic profession in numerous arenas (e.g. Legislation, Medicare);
  • Verification of your professional status by other groups (e.g. health funds, employers).
  • Exclusive use of our Members logo.


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Membership is easy with our new online registration system. Simply select from the categories below.


For more information or otherwise, please contact our office on +61 3 9857 9390 or email us at