Professional Registration

Australian Orthoptic Board (AOB)

The Australian Orthoptic Board (AOB) is the registration body for orthoptists within Australia, for both local and international orthoptists. The AOB is a separate entity to Orthoptics Australia (OA) which ensures professional standards are upheld by establishing regulations and standards for all orthoptists.

While registration with the AOB is not compulsory to practice, orthoptists are required to register with the AOB according to legislation regarding the practice of refraction, prescribing of optical lenses and ultrasonography. This also applies to legislation regarding the administration of drugs and poisons. Orthoptics Australia thereby encourages all orthoptists to register with the AOB and to participate in the Continuing Professional Development program (CPD). Many public and private health institutions employing orthoptists also now require that orthoptic staff members are registered with the AOB, as do Australian private health funds. Applications for registration must be updated every two years.

Registration with the AOB requires registrants to complete 50 points of CPD over the registration biennium. Registrants are required to maintain a record of CPD undertaken which can be audited at any time. Orthoptics Australia offers discounted rates to members for accredited continuing education and Upskill courses. For more information, visit the Australian Orthoptic Board website.

Orthoptics Australia prides itself on providing quality continuing education to members to maintain high standards of proficiency in the orthoptics profession.

OA offers a number of continuing education activities and Upskill courses, which are accredited by the Australian Orthoptic Board (AOB) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program.

To learn more about our continuing education opportunities visit our Calendar of Events