Orthoptics Awareness Week (OAW)

Orthoptics Awareness Week (OAW) is an annual event held on the first week of June. During this time, orthoptists across Australia promote their profession and highlight the scope of practice on an international scale. This includes their role in eye health, campaigning government policies and providing valuable education to peers and the broader public. 

Every year, a different theme is chosen to showcase the diverse range of specialties orthoptists are involved with. Orthoptics Australia supports this event by supplying OAW promotional material, including sharable online content, written articles, and celebration guides, which are accessible on various media publications and social media platforms. 

OAW is a wonderful time for orthoptists to unite in promoting their profession and let the world know what they do for the ophthalmic community.


Any queries regarding OAW should be directed to execofficer@orthoptics.org.au


OAW2020 Media articles are available here.