Position Statements

Position Statements

Orthoptics Australia Position Statement on the Use of the Bioptic Lens for Driving

Orthoptics Australia releases this position statement in response to the BIOPTIC DRIVING FRAMEWORK paper issued by Bioptic Drivers Australia.

Queries regarding this statement can be directed to: execofficer@orthoptics.org.au


Qualified Orthoptists Participating in the Training of Unqualified Workers

Orthoptics Australia is the national organisation that represents orthoptists in all states of Australia and members from other countries. The Constitution of Orthoptics Australia states that Orthoptics Australia strives to:

  • cultivate and maintain high principles and standards of practice and ethics in relation to orthoptics and related sciences
  • promote fair, honourable and proper practice
  • discourage and suppress malpractice or misconduct
  • settle questions of practice and of professional usage and etiquette including producing, maintaining and implementing own code of conduct
  • consider all questions affecting the interests of the Association
  • promote or oppose any legislative or other measures affecting such matters or concerned with orthoptics or related sciences or branches of medicine or as are related to the interests of the Association

Orthoptics Australia releases this position statement in response to qualified orthoptists participating in the training of unqualified workers. 

Enquiries related to this position statement can be directed to: oacac@orthoptics.org.au.

Irlen Syndrome

Recently members of OA worked with a RANZCO working party to finalise a position statement on Irlen Syndrome. We are pleased to let you know that there is a position statement now available on the RANZCO website for download, titled 'Irlen Syndrome'. We encourage you to share this link and document with your colleagues and patients.