Educational Packages

This section provides information for parents and teachers regarding educational packages endorsed by Orthoptics Australia available for children to learn about their eyes.


eyeplaysafe – an interactive web based resource aimed at teaching children how to best protect their eyes from injury.

Children commonly suffer eye injuries despite the fact that they are a group that should have high levels of supervision with little access to environments and objects which cause harm. Serious childhood eye injuries can lead to lifelong visual and psychological consequences. A unique characteristic of eye injuries is that most are preventable.

The concept for eyeplaysafe was borne out of Australian research which showed an alarming increase over a ten-year period, in the number of children injuring their eyes, many seriously. The research identified boys aged between three and nine years were at greatest risk of suffering an eye injury. Most injuries occurred in and around the home and while children were playing or participating in sport. eyeplaysafe has been developed by a team of professionals  lead by orthoptists , and supported by a practitioner in  health promotion and an  educationalist. The development of the eyeplaysafe website was funded by The Statewide Ophthalmology Service (SOS), a network of the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), a statutory health corporation of NSW HEALTH. The Centre for Learning Innovation a business unit of the NSW Department of Education was engaged for the production of the eyeplaysafe website.

eyeplaysafe is a fun interactive web based learning package aimed at teaching children aged five to nine years, how to best protect their eyes at home and when playing. It includes five interactive activities accessed by the jumping ‘eye guys’. Parents and carers can find information on prevention of childhood eye injury and first aid in four printable fact sheets. Teacher resources include support notes developed specifically for the eyeplaysafe website along with an interactive whiteboard story book. The website also has links to appropriate health and stakeholder home pages.

The website can be found at