Committees, Working Groups and Representatives

Terms of Reference (ToR) for the committees and working groups listed below are available here.


Australian Orthoptic Board -

OA has three representatives on the Board of Directors of the AOB.

Representatives: Julie Barbour, Connie Koklanis and Sue Silveira.


Australian Orthoptic Journal -

The AOJ Committee is responsible for the publication and editorial content of the association’s scientific journal.

Co-Editors-in-Chief: Linda Santamaria and Meri Vukicevic


Awards Committee 

The Awards Committee oversees the implementation and organisation of the awards and grants of the association.

Convenor: Sue Silveira

Committee:  Louise Brennan, Julia Kelly, Lindley Leonard and Linda Santamaria


Conference Committee -

The Conference Committee is responsible for the organisation of the upcoming national scientific conference.  This includes the scientific program.

Conference Organising Committee 2021: TBC


Continuing Education Committee 

The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for Orthoptics Australia educational offerings.

Current Members:  Gareth Lingham - Chair, Denise Bartolo, Allanah Crameri and Faren Willett


Professional Advisory Committee 

Committee Goal: To support and advise OA regarding the development and maintenance of high standards of orthoptic practice with reference to research, ongoing education,  professional issues and promotion.

Members of PAC have attributes which include but are not limited to:

  • Educational knowledge

  • Rehabilitation knowledge

  • Private sector practice experience

  • Public sector practice experience

  • Low vision knowledge

  • Paediatric knowledge

Current Members: Sue Silveira - Chair, Mara Giribaldi, Neryla Jolly, Julia Kelly and Marion Rivers


Finance Committee -

The Finance Committee is responsible for all Orthoptics Australia financial matters.

Current Members:  Karen Mill - Chair, Lindley Leonard, Catherine Mancuso and Jane Schuller.


Governance Working Group

The Governance Working Group is responsible for the Associations Governance Model, Constitution and associated Bylaws.

Current Members:  Jane Schuller - Chair, Amanda French, Neryla Jolly, Karen Mill and Marion Rivers.


International Orthoptic Association Representative

Current Representative:  Sue Silveira

Past Representatives:  1967-1975 Patricia Lance, 1975-1983 Shayne Brown, 1983-1987 Alison Terrell, 1987-1991 Jan Erby, 1991-1995 Marion Rivers, 1995-2004 Kerry Fitzmaurice, 2004-2011 Zoran Georgievski, 2011-2016 Connie Koklanis and 2016-present Sue Silveira

Past President:  1983-1987 Shayne Brown


Membership Committee 

The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with the board, committees, special interest groups, and membership in relation to key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.

Current Members:  Amanda French - Chair, Louise Brennan and Han Nguyen


Public Relations Committee 

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for marketing and promotion initiatives of the association including Orthoptic Awareness Week.

Current Members: Breanna Ban - Chair, Premkumar Gunasekaran and Sahar Shariflou (Social Media)


Vision2020 Network

As a member of Vision 2020 Australia, Orthoptics Australia represents orthoptists at related Vision2020 forums and meetings

Representatives: Marion Rivers Chair - PEIC, Jane Schuller - PEIC and Global Committee, Anita Egan - IPC Committee and Danielle Thorburn - ATSI committee


Workplace Relations & Conditions 

The Workplace Relations & Conditions representative provides advice to members regarding employment related issues.

Representative: Liane Wilcox


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