OA Online Education (OAOE)

OA Online Education (OAOE)      

OA Online Education is available to you as orthoptists to enable you to build on current skills
and knowledge through lectures series and Orthoptic scientific meeting recordings.

OA Online Education:

  • Provides Continuing Professional Development

  • Australian Orthoptic Board approved CPD points

  • Builds on core skills and foundation knowledge

  • Offers online lectures with self-assessment questions

  • Offers self-paced modules so you can learn when you want to

  • Provides access to orthoptic scientific meeting recordings

  • Are modules produced by orthoptists for orthoptists

All OA online education is now being hosted through OA's new online education management system; Orthoptics Australia Online Education (OAOE).   OAOE provides you with a convenient way to save and track your continuing professional (CPD). It allows you to pause and resume modules you have started and keeps a record of modules you have completed. OAOE also provides and saves certificates for modules you have completed offering you a convenient way to keep track of your current CPD points as well as proof of completion of CPD activity.

New online education content can now be accessed in 2 easy steps:

  1. Go to the OA online shop, select your content and “purchase” it. Most content is free for OA members and you can purchase more than one item at a time. There is a search function available to search for specific content. If this is your first time accessing OAOE, you will receive an email with instructions on how to login to OAOE. 

  2. Login to OAOE to access and view your “purchased” online content. From here, OAOE will keep track of all your completed CPD activities.

OAOE can be accessed directly here.