Become an Orthoptist

If you’re interested in the health sciences and fascinated by the field of eye care, then orthoptics could be the career for you.

Whether you want to devote yourself to in-clinic patient care, manage a clinic and its staff, develop the field through research, educate the community and teach new students, or excel in relationship building and sales, orthoptics has something to offer you.

Here are five GREAT reasons to become an orthoptist:
1.     Diverse Career Options

Orthoptics is a specialised, challenging and rewarding profession offering diverse career options. Orthoptists may work in any one or more of the following settings or roles:

  • Clinical Practitioner – patient care

  • Management – managing clinics, eye care services and staff

  • Research – as part of a specialised research team

  • Education – teaching orthoptics at university or students on clinical placement

  • Sales Representative in the ophthalmic industry.

Learn more about pursuing a career in orthoptics.


2.     Making a Difference to Patients’ Lives

Orthoptists are essential to promoting better quality of life in children and adults with vision problems, as well as those who require visual rehabilitation.

“Orthoptists make a difference to the patients they care for. Take a young child with an eye turn – an orthoptist can prescribe glasses and exercises to assist the child to control the eye turn so that it is not noticeable by others and so that the child can use their eyes together. Also, consider a patient who has recently had a stroke and is experiencing double vision – this creates difficulties with simple daily activities such as pouring a cup of tea or driving. Orthoptic treatment can assist with resolving the double vision thereby improving quality of life.

'Another example may be a patient with age-related macular degeneration who has lost their central vision and is having difficulties reading and writing, activities they once really enjoyed. Orthoptists can train patients how to use their remaining vision to comfortably read again and enjoy their favourite pastime.”  


3.     Industry Recognition

Orthoptists possess a unique and versatile set of skills in eye health and are in strong demand in the Australian workforce.

The orthoptics profession boasts among the highest education standards world-wide, with Australia recognised as being the first country to offer a University Bachelor Degree program in orthoptics. Learn more about University Training Programs.


4.    Ongoing Support

Orthoptics Australia recognises that orthoptic students represent the future of our profession, and provide ongoing support through the Orthoptics Australia membership program. Students and new graduates are offered continuing education courses, regular updates via Orthoptics Australia National and State Newsletters, information regarding job opportunities, eligibility for Orthoptics Australia’s Awards and Grants programs, membership to the International Orthoptic Association, and much more.

In addition, the orthoptic student society – led by several enthusiastic and dedicated orthoptic students and supported by Orthoptics Australia – coordinate a number of social events throughout the year, and provide students a unified professional approach to communicating with academics.


5.     Dynamic & Active Orthoptics Community

Finally, orthoptists are a great bunch! From national events such as Orthoptic Awareness Weekand the OA Annual Scientific Conference , to state-specific Scientific Meetings and Upskill courses, there’s something for every student, graduate, or working professional.

Many of our members also stay in touch via social media, so click on one of the icons below and connect with us today!


Want to know more? Watch the UTS Video What is Orthoptics?